Grid × Line is a modular set of foil-stamped stationary items, designed and produced in Los Angeles by Still Room, a graphic design studio in downtown Los Angeles.  

A simple concept of infinite possibilities inspired by maverick Italian architects Superstudio, Grid × Line starts with a 1-inch grid and two line weights (1 pt. and 20 pt.). Our studio creates tangibly tactile surfaces with foil and paper pairings. We hope the infinite possibilities of the grid may help you plot out our common future, or just organize your thoughts!

Currently we offer 9 foil colors and 7 paper types for your satisfaction of applying pencil to paper.

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GridxLine WhiteCollection 1.jpg
GridxLine WhiteCollection 3.jpg
GridxLine Dark Collection 2.jpg
GridxLine WhiteCollection 4.jpg
GridxLine WhiteCollection 5.jpg